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My name is Sonia Harris and at the age of 55 I found myself single again after a longterm relationship that spanned over 20 years.

Don’t worry I’m not going to be sharing how sad I am or talking negatively about my ex and tell you how she did me wrong. In the end we just were not the right fit. I’ve come to believe that our relationship lasted the time it needed to so that we could bring up and nurture our son until he reached the age of 18.

What has happened though is I’ve become preoccupied about my future now that it will look different to what I’ve been dreaming about over the past few years.

I am passionate about learning and sharing what I learn with others who may benefit also. So not surprisingly I started to do some research about what people in their 50 worry about.

It seems the top two things that people worry about when they get into their 50s is money and health.

Wait a minute isn’t that what a lot of people worry about anyway regardless of their age?

Well let me be more specific...

50 seems to be that age when people start to think about what their life will be like when they retire. When I started work in my early 20s the retirement age was 60 for women and 65 for men. Some 30 years later that has increased to 67 for both men and women.

I understand. We’re living longer.

Like a lot of people my age I’m wondering if my pension pot is going to be sufficient to give me a comfortable lifestyle when I retire. I have started to wish I had started saving earlier towards my retirement.

But it is not just about money.

5 years ago I was struck down with viral meningitis. I was hospitalised for 2 weeks on a drip. Took several months off work with various symptoms including, speech problems, severe headaches, memory loss, extreme fatigue, back and neck pain and hearing problems. I was struck down a total of 3 times in a two year period.

At that time I didn’t not know whether or not I would recover sufficiently to continue working at my 9 to 5 job. Thankfully I have a very supportive manager and I am still on a journey towards reaching full health.

What it allowed me to do though was to start thinking seriously about taking control of my life. I made some decisions then that brought me into the world of online entrepreneurship.

The original idea for the Freedom At 55 Project was my desire to be able to retire from my 9 to 5 job by the age of 55. I first got this idea when I got involved in network marketing some 15 or so years ago. It became a dream of mine primarily because it was a dream of others around me. The dream to become financially free so that I could give up my job and do what I want when I want.

You know something. I thought it was my dream but I never really owned it because it was a dream I borrowed.

And no I’m not retiring right now.

What I am doing though is realising that freedom is not just about having so much money that you can do what you want.

Freedom means so many different things to different people.

Freedom is ...

Doing what you want when I want

Having energy

Easily buying clothing in your size

Being with who you want

Not asking permission

Waking up when you want

Going to bed when you want

Eating what you want and when you want

Bringing your best self to the table

Being your true self

Follow your passion

Not worry about your health

Not worry about money

What does freedom mean to you?

So because of a decision I made a few years ago to take control of my own economy. To be in a position that I didn’t have to worry about money coming in if I were to get ill again ...

I now want to help women over 50 who find themselves single after a long-term relationship reconnect with their true self and design a secure future based on their passion.

And what if you’re not a woman or over 55?

You have a job.

You’ll probably know people in that category so if you see something here that you think someone you know will benefit from then please share.

And you know what?

There’s gonna be stuff that will benefit you too ...

I don’t mind. Take it and use it for yourself.

So what now?


If you want to know more about my journey so far check out my first blog post "Why I'm Here."  I'd love to hear about you too especially if your journey resonates with mine so drop me a note and introduce yourself.


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