Retirement No Longer Exists ...

As I’ve got older retirement has occupied more of my mind. About 15 years ago I fancied the idea of retiring early - 55 seemed a good age.

It wasn’t really my idea. I borrowed it from other people around me who were pursuing it themselves. It’s interesting how that happens. It became the thing I told people I was aiming for.

5 years ago when I was diagnosed with a chronic illness and felt fatigue constantly and struggled to get through a working day ...

I focused again on retiring early because I didn’t see how I’d have the energy to keep working into my late 60s. This time it was something that I wanted.

I remember back in my thirties when I did think about retirement (which I really didn’t want to focus on back then) it was like something that I heard older people talk about ...

Something they were looking forward after the hard years of toil ...

To finally get a rest.

And I think that is where my head was at over the last few years. I felt I needed a rest and age 67 (retirement age for my age group in the UK) just seemed too far away.

Now I wasn’t seeing retirement as a time that I’ll be enjoying life being a jet setter ...

But more about me taking life much slower ... so slow that maybe I’d even be wheelchair bound.

In the past year I’ve worked on improving my health and energy levels. I’m engaged in my passion of learning and teaching.

I have found my thoughts about retirement changing. Or maybe it is not so much my thoughts. It’s my understanding of retirement is changing. Oh my gosh. Or is it that my perspective of retirement has changed.

What does the word retirement even mean?

According to the Oxford dictionary -

“The action or fact of leaving one’s job and ceasing work”

Usually it is a specified age.

Of course the “retirement age” is increasing as life expectancy increases. So that tells me that the idea of retirement is that it should happen when maybe we have less years to the end of our lives.

It was reading an article over on that I saw the statement

“Retirement no longer exists”

It is worth a read.

The truth is that people’s view of retirement has changed. There are a lot of reasons but I think that the advancement of technology has a lot to do with it.

I like the idea of moving away from the word retirement and choosing the statement

“When work becomes optional”

I feel that I’ve turned a corner in my life ...

Actually I think it is more like a bend ...

I used to think that money was the key to enabling me to have what I want and be able to do what I want in my retirement ..,

Oops I mean during those years when work is optional.

But for me I’ve realised that I need to be developing my emotional wealth as I continue on my life journey.

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Smiling Sonia

The Freedom At 55 Project is my journey to become more money savvy following the breakup of my relationship in my 55th year. I share what I learn about saving money, retirement planning, pensions and living a simpler life. I want you to know there is hope. It starts with reconnecting with your true self and deciding to take charge of your life.


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