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Pension Awareness Day 2018 | Free Pension Advice

What is Pension Awareness Day?

On the Pension Awareness Day website (PAD) it says the following:

“The Pension Awareness Campaign is an initiative we launched in 2014. The aim of the campaign is to alert the nation that it is not saving enough for retirement and to unite the financial services industry, businesses, employers and the government to share innovative ideas and to work together in driving engagement with retirement saving.

As our Pension Awareness Campaign bus tours Britain, we welcome you on board to seek free guidance from our team of on board advisers. Whether you are thinking about starting a pension or perhaps you’ve come to the end of your working career and are about to retire, all questions are welcome, big or small.”

I learned also that Pension Awareness Day was started by Pension Geeks and Scottish Widows.

Pension Awareness Day is 15th September.

Pension Awareness Day 2018 #PAD18 runs from Monday 10th September to Saturday 15th September.

The bus will be making its tour to major UK cities including:

Edinburgh - Monday 10th September, Castle Street

Newcastle - Tuesday 11th September, Northumberland Street South

Leicester - Wednesday 12th September, Humberstone Gate

Cardiff - Thursday 13th September

Reading - Friday 14th September

London - Saturday 15th September, Kings Cross Square

10 am to 6 pm each day.

More information on their website and social media:





I wouldn’t have known about Pension Awareness Day if I hadn’t seen a message on one of my Facebook notifications. Although I have thought about my pension in the past I never took it seriously enough to research and actually do some planning.

It took the end of a relationship and worrying about my future to get me moving on taking some action on pension planning. At 55 it is easy to think that it is too late to do anything that will make a real difference.

I’ve been researching over the past several months and there’s a lot I can do to improve my financial situation in the coming years and particularly when I’m ready to retire.

Retirement planning is for everyone at whatever age you are. So I was pleased to find this resource today and particularly happy that I’ll be able to visit the Pension Advice Day Tour bus when it visits London on 15th September.

So this has given me a bit of a push to get my pension paperwork in order so that I can take with me and ask some questions. Only a few days ago I was talking a colleague about pensions and we both agreed that it is subject that people don’t really talk about.

I’m not sure why it is such a hush hush subject. I guess when we’re young we think it’s something that is far in the distance so we don’t need to worry about it. In our mid years we’re so wrapped up with growing a family and/or managing a career. We then get to my age - 55 and it is as if we can see retirement looming over the horizon.

We’re still hesitant about it all because it is a reminder I guess that we’re getting older. What I know is that I don’t want to get to retirement and find myself struggling financial. By then it will be too late. So that’s why I’m taking action now.

So my first step was doing my research and I created the Retirement Planning Checklist that you can download here.

freedom at 55 project

Smiling Sonia

The Freedom At 55 Project is my journey to become more money savvy following the breakup of my relationship in my 55th year. I share what I learn about saving money, retirement planning, pensions and living a simpler life. I want you to know there is hope. It starts with reconnecting with your true self and deciding to take charge of your life.


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