In May 2017 I was feeling desperate.

I  had no energy.

I was the heaviest I'd ever been and still putting on weight regardless of what I tried to do.

I  had to hold onto the rail walking up the stairs because my knees and feet were so painful.

I had a vision of me in a wheelchair during my retirement years and I was unhappy.

I decided I need to take control.

I did one small thing.

I created a morning routine:

When the alarm went off in the morning I had to get up walk across the room to turn it off. No more hitting the snooze button.

Now I was up I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. Definitely feeling more awake now.

I then drank a full glass of water. My eyes are now wide open. I'm no longer feeling drowsy.

I put on my exercise clothes, trainers and left the house.

At that time I set a goal of walking for only 5 minutes.

As I'm writing this in April 2018, a year later. I walked for over 3 miles this morning.

I use the time during my walk to meditate, be present and to learn too. So I sometimes listen to podcasts and am inspired to share what I've learned.

So below are audios that I've started to record whilst out on my walks. My apologies for the quality. 

They are not edited. Sometimes I am out of breath. If I haven't blown my nose then I get a bit sniffy near the end.

So why don't you join me on my walk ...

#13 19/04/18 No Spend Challenge Again

I talk about Cait Flanders year of less and the two new spending tracking and saving apps.

#12 18/04/18 The end of the 30 day minimalism and no spend Challenge

Meeting another entrepreneur in the party
Thoughts on how minimalism challenge went

#11 17/04/18 Discovering Barbara Stanny

Today I talked about:
Binge consuming Barbara stanny 
3 levels of financial development
Understanding that I’ve been trying to jump
At the end of my walk a woman who I’ve seen running handed me a card and said are you interested in an opportunity?

#10 16/04/18 Fearing Money

Today on my walk I talk about my discovery of Barbara Stanny. I talk more about my relationship with money and how I've been in fear of it.

#09 13/04/18 Video And Improving My Confidence

Today on my walk I talk about the Minimalism Challenge. I share about my contact with Sue Ferreira who is an Entrepreneur in her 70s.

#05 09/04/18 Happy Being Single

Today on my walk I talked about being shy as a teenager and being worried about not having a boyfriend. Me learning that I'm an introvert and how now being single again it is an opportunity to find myself.

#04 07/04/18 Is Retirement a Fiction?

Today on my walk I talked about the changing age for pensions, boredom and finding a passion you can take into retirement.


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